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1. name: Kayla
2. age: 16
3. are you a cheerleader?: no... not at this moment
4. how long have you been cheerleading?: never
5. what is you favorite stunt/tumble pass?: stunt-liberty, tumble-back handspring (I need to work on it)
6. what is a trick that you dont have yet, that you would like to have?: trick? ummm... I wish I could do a better split... does that count? lol
7. where do you cheer for (middle school, high school, collage, all-star)?: if anything it would be high school...
8. what do you cheer for (football, basketball)?: it would have to be basketball cuz I do colorguard and I perform at the football games with guard and band so I cant do cheerleading then...
9. do you compete?: no...
10. what can you bring to cheer_spirit?: spirit, joy, happiness, enthusiasm (sp?)
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