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ChEEr YoUr HeArT oUt!

*¤BoRn 2 ChEeR¤*

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For all cheerleaders... young and old, begineers or experts, a place to share tips, expirence, and everything else! I hope that you join!... I dont get around to the computer very often... sorry about all the pending memberships! :( I'll try to be better about that... if your new here make sure you fill this out!

( use an lj-cut to save space please! )

1. name
2. age
3. are you a cheerleader?
4. how long have you been cheerleading?
5. what is you favorite stunt/tumble pass?
6. what is a trick that you dont have yet, that you would like to have?
7. where do you cheer for (middle school, high school, collage, all-star)
8. what do you cheer for (football, basketball)
9. do you compete?
10. what can you bring to cheer_spirit?

* i hope you enjor cheer_spirit! *
--> Stacey