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1. name**Sammantha but my friends call me lil bit
2. age**14
3. are you a cheerleader?**Heck Yeah
4. how long have you been cheerleading?**Since I was in 7th grade..about 3 years
5. what is you favorite stunt/tumble pass?**Round off BT,BT
6. what is a trick that you dont have yet, that you would like to have?I don't know it sounds stupid but I wanna do an arial, and I just can't seem to get it!
7. where do you cheer for (middle school, high school, collage, all-star)**high school
8. what do you cheer for (football, basketball). Our squad cheers for football games, basketball games, volleyball games,and tennis matches!
9. do you compete?no, unfortanetly our school hasen't had enough money to yet but we are hoping that next year we can!
10. what can you bring to cheer_spirit? I'm an individual..I'm not a normal stuck up cheer leader. Yeah, I do wear preppy clothes but I don't have that preppy attitude and I think that is somethin all communities should have

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