*~Katie~* (oh_so_innocent) wrote in cheer_spirit,


1. name: Katie
2. age: 14
3. are you a cheerleader?; yes~!
4. how long have you been cheerleading? This is my second season i use to be a dancer.
5. what is you favorite stunt/tumble pass? R/o back handspring layout and standing tuck for tumbling. I love scorpions and back tuck basket tosses and double downs out of anything.
6. what is a trick that you dont have yet, that you would like to have? standing back handspring back tuck and a full!
7. where do you cheer for (middle school, high school, collage, all-star) An all star team we are the Arizona All Stars i'm on my Senior Intermidiate team.
8. what do you cheer for (football, basketball) nope
9. do you compete? yes alot we have a competion on saturday!
10. what can you bring to cheer_spirit? advice and pictures!

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